It’s just pixels!

Let me start by saying: NO IT ISN’T!!

I’ve seen this comment too many times float by in discussions, and it seriously pisses me off.

Whenever there’s some riot in Trade or anywhere about some guy ninjaing something, usually some stupid mount, there’s somebody sooner or later that is actually taking the side of the ninja by telling everyone to shut it, because “it’s just pixels” anyway.

This guy might think he’s sounding wise, but it’s absolute nonsense! This isn’t smart of wise or anything, it’s completely lacking the understanding of value.

Most people probably remember the news about a boy killing a friend over a sword (the tone in this post is a perfect example btw). In which case some guy killed a friend over selling a loaned sword. Now, what this guy did is absurd, absolutely, but how can anyone get so worked up about something if it were “just pixels”? Perhaps if he later killed people over the deletion of a desktop icon it might be some kind of weird psychological pixel dependency thing, but that’s not the case. It has all to do with value.

Let’s put it simple. Without humans (or living creatures for that matter) NOTHING would have value.

I can say that value is virtual in itself. It’s all in our heads.

But therefore it’s important…

We hold value to that old dusty toy, because it was what we played with when we were a kid.. But it’s just cotton and stuffing…

We hold value to that painting that has a money value of a few million, because it was painted by some guy we only know from history lessons… but it’s just linen and paint…

We hold value to our home, where we work so hard for to pay off, to furnish, etc.. It’s just bricks..

Your favorite football (or whatever sport) club won the cup this year! Yay! …but nah, no need for celebration, it’s just metal on some marble..

That old broken rusty clock that doesn’t even work anymore, but belonged to your passed away father.. Nah.. it’s just useless junk…

Your beloved wife…. Nah, just 80% water, some bones and fat! (alright, might be truth there ;))

I hope you see where I’m getting at… Reducing things to what they’re made from is plain idiocy.

Ok, one more: our bank accounts are nothing but bits and bytes too.. So is the bank account from the ones making the stupid comments..

Value is a personal thing. It’s a human thing. Even though most animals most likely hold value to things too (usually their offspring), though humans go far with this.

Value is what we give to every thing in our lives, it what being alive is about, being around things that you value, doing things that you value, creating value. It can be anything.

When you look at it logically, nothing is truly valuable, nothing has a true use or meaning. Everything just “is”. If you suppress all your feeling, everything is nothing but material, molecules. Nothing. Depressing isn’t it? Well, that’s what depressed people probably feel. Emptiness, lack of value.

Saying things “are just……..” is doing that, taking away the value we feel something has, for whatever reason, our personal reason.

So if anyone is angry because someone ninjad a mount, it’s not any different than when somebody stole his bike. It holds value, and it was taken from them. I might think that mount is just a stupid dumb ugly mount, but you’ve got every right to be pissed off and look for justice if it got taken from you while you earned it!


3 Responses to “It’s just pixels!”

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