I really enjoyed seeing a certain interview with Robin Williams where he was telling about online gaming, playing Call of Duty online. If you haven’t seen it, watch it, it’s very funny… Now, I’m not a big fan of the guy or anything, but just think about it. You’re back home after a hard days work, you had a nice dinner, then decide get behind the PC, or console and start up your favorite shooter. Ready to shoot away all the accumulated stress of the day. Then without realizing it, a few minutes later, you could actually be tossing grenades with a famous Hollywood comedian, who is doing exactly the same after his workday. Now, how awesome is that!

Sure, of course it’s not really that strange. I mean, famous or not, we’re all human and have our hobbies, and gaming is fun, right? I would probably be a little less surprised if it was some famous rapper that was telling all this, mostly because gaming fits much more into their (projected) lifestyle, and I guess there are probably are a lot of them playing games like that too. It’s the contrast of someone like Robin Williams doing it that just makes it extra amusing. Comedian or not, he just seems like a way too serious guy for that.

But the video I came across today was just humorous without jokes. I don’t know if it’s old or not, I just saw it and it and found it particularly amusing because of the huuuge contrast.

Before you click on it, first think about two opposites in their extreme form. Let’s say, take something that could be considered the ultimate stereotypical nerdy activity versus the living representation of typical macho. Now combine the two!

So, who still has anything to say about the type of people that would play games like wow? Ha! Thought so!

Anyway, the next time you run into some grumpy pissed off tank in your daily heroic, it could very well be someone you know, who just had a rough day at work 😉


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