Oh, this pisses me off

Just 30 minutes before the 3AM reset I realized that I still needed to do the daily heroic on both my characters. Not sure what the trigger was, entering it, or downing the boss, I chose to take my healer first, because that wait time is longer. I just really hoped the trigger was starting the instance.

Of course, I got Old kingdom. But it could have been worse, like pit of saron, or halls of lighting. The tank took off pretty fast so I figured it would go well.

There was a minor slowdown when all the others in the group realized they were from the same country and started chatting in (to me) gibberish. The worst part was when I saw the term Amanitar in between the gibberish. I so hoped that was some swedish word, or whatever the language was..

A few seconds later the tank jumped of the ledge towards Amanitar.. Noooo!

“Sorry, can we please skip the optionals, I really really need to do another char before 3AM, this is the only time I need a fast run, please guys”.

“You’ll never make that anway”

Well, 15 minutes, I think that could be done. And I wanted to find out for myself if it couldn’t be done. At least I could only blame myself then, which isn’t that bad.

“Sure I will”, I responded, “I can do most instances in 15 minutes easy, unless the dps is real bad”

I didn’t know if that was true, but I see people brag all the time, why not me for once.

“Nah, we wanna do this, we’ll do it fast”

Damn, I hate it when I have no control over things. Do it fast, my ass. As if they were holding back before, I don’t believe that. I just tried to dps myself, but that didn’t make a real difference. The lock was constantly lifetapping and the druid was constantly getting aggro, so I didn’t want to risk switching to dps.

Then they wanted to do the achievement for Jedoga too. Ok, that doesn’t really slow things down, but the discussion alone annoyed me. And I couldn’t swap to dps for sure now.

I was watching the clock all the time, 8 minutes left.. There was still a small chance..

I literally took off towards Herald before Jedoga hit the ground, the rest following far behind.. 5 minutes left..

Trash down, 3 minutes left..

We downed Herald..

Server message… everything was rest!


Since I’m not tanking icecrown yet, with the insane requirement people expect these days, these dailies are my main income of frost emblems. Nobody really likes Old Kingdom, everyone always skips the optionals. I seriously haven’t seen those two bosses in 3 months or so.

I usually always like to do the optionals, I don’t mind a slow run. I like to do achievements. I don’t mind doing anything special in a daily run… Usually.

But the only time that I do care about a fast run, the one time since I’ve been playing wow that I REALLY want a fast run for a change, THEN I end up with the only group in 3 bloody months that wants to do it ALL!!


…Or perhaps it is triggered by downing the boss, in which case I wouldn’t have made ie either way… For now I just like to keep blaming Murphy.. 😉

UPDATE: I checked it out, it’s triggered by killing the boss. Which makes nothing but sense, because it’s basically a daily quests, which ends when you finish it. The other dailies only are considered done after you turned it in too. Stressing myself seems to turn of my logical thinking apparently.


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