Keeping secrets…

…isn’t exactly one of the best qualities of Tirion Fordring.

I think it’s quite funny, considering the final conversation in the lich king kill movie…

Tirion Fordring: You will not be forgotten, brother.

Bolvar Fordragon: I must be forgotten, Tirion! If the world is to live free from the tyranny of fear, they must never know what was done here today.

Tirion nods and accedes to Bolvar’s request, sliding the helm onto his head. The chamber begins to shake violently. There is a flash of light and Bolvar’s eyes are glowing golden yellow through the eye slits of the helm.

Bolvar Fordragon: Tell them only that the Lich King is dead.

Bolvar’s voice changes, acquiring the Lich King’s characteristic echo.

Bolvar Fordragon/Lich King: And that Bolvar Fordragon died with him!

…that Tirion not only thought telling it anyway was a great idea, but he went as far as putting up the entire bloody video footage of it next his statue in the center of Dalaran!

Does he want us to live in the tyranny of fear? I guess he does! Now I’m really glad he didn’t put the helmet on himself 🙂


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