Updating looks

I seriously wonder if my host wordpress.com puts little faults in the default themes on purpose, because I just can’t find one that’s really “good enough”. It could be that my definition of “good enough” is a bit high (I can be a bit of a perfectionist from time to time, but laziness usually stops me), but it would make sense on their side to get more people to pay for the hosting, in which case you can edit the stylesheets, font’s and what not.

Anyway, you might see me juggle with pre defined themes in the coming days. Don’t be scared 😉 ..My last one had a terrible font that made everything look like a wall of text. Links were not very visible either, quote blocks were just indented pieces of text. I did like the looks at first though, but readability comes first.

The current one (which will probably be different again when you read it) has much better readability, but now the headers are a bit small and the bulletpoints don’t indent (small things that annoy the crap out of me, hehe). It also looks too… I don’t know.. official.

Anyway, be prepared.. And don’t hesitate to give some tips if you know some wordpress hacks (excluding writing in html mode, I hate that).. Anyone out there? Ah well.. I’ll just pretend 😉


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