Totem Envy

Now that would’ve been a perfect name for this blog if I would’ve focused only on Shamans!

Having a priest, a druid, a paladin, a shaman, a mage and a warlock, it wouldn’t be fair to the others, even though I spend most time on my shaman lately.

(Quite) A while back Duct tape and a Prayer had a poll on what class you would want to have if you could get one other 80 alt, but never another anymore.. For most people that’s probably be a simple question, but for me that was one of the hardest questions I got in a long time. It keeps coming back to me; I just can’t decide. I don’t even know anymore what I consider to be my main right now. So, the question is actually: what 2 classes would I settle with.

Right now, I mostly play my Paladin and my Shaman. But are these just my flavor of the month? I don’t know.. The shaman was never intended to become an 80, but he was just enjoyable to play, so sometimes I took him out.. Then a friend of mine passed me while leveling and started joking to me about me losing. I should have resisted, but being a sucker for competition, I took the challenge and before I knew the Shaman was my second best geared 80. The paladin is an odd story: she used to be my bank char, who I only leveled bit by bit to get inscription. Judging from the succes of our blogging Goblin, I got the idea that inscription was close to a gold making “cheat” and and I only wanted to prove that (and being 60% to goldcapped on a very AH camper heavy server, I’d say it comes close). Now, both these “accidents” are actually my most played characters as we speak.

My original main, my first char to reach 60/70/80 was my priest, I’ve done lots of raiding with her and I always liked playing as healing priest. It was actually me being tired with my last raiding guild that made me stop playing her. Raids were getting sloppy, people weren’t really trying anymore, and at a certain moment I just felt like I was one of the few that was actually putting some effort in. I didn’t want to /gquit because there were just too many nice people in the guild (a difficult combination to find on my server, raiding guild+decent folks), but I just couldn’t get myself to playing anymore also. Somehow my disappointment with the guild reflected on the character.

Before I had the paladin and the shaman, I considered my druid to be my “best alt”. I played him in a small casual guild with some friends, which worked fine together with the priest being in the raiding guild. The druid is an awesome class, I can say that. Great at tanking (albeit a bit boring for AOE), great at healing, great at dps (feral, no chickens for me). The only thing that bothered me about it was that I always had to fight with dps over gear, which made gearing up a pain (up till today I’m still only wearing the VH weapon). Healing was my offspec, but I actually ended up having better healing gear just by offspec drops. Still, having bad luck with RNG doesn’t change the fact that it’s a great class.

Even though it’s hard, I’ll just put the lock and the mage aside (/sob), because they’re pure dps, and I want a tank/healer.

So, the decision will have to be between:

Priest, Shaman, Paladin, Druid

Now how can I choose between these 4 great classes?

  • Priest: Fun healing class, 2 specs, never boring. Great dps spec. Heals feel a little “too smart” sometimes though.
  • Shaman: great tank and raid healer, great utility. Fun melee and ranged dps. Healing tends to be a little too much focussed on one spell.
  • Paladin: awesome for tanking. DPS and healing are both alright. Only real downside is that it’s ridden with them, “LFM, no more pala’s” is not uncommon.
  • Druid: good tank, nice dps, fun healer. Versatile buggers. Apart from the tank’s difficult gearing, they’re good at any job.

The thing is, having pondered about changing realm a few times, this question is actually quite real to me. Which classes will I take, which will I leave. This is less hard than having to give up two, but it’s still bloody difficult. The priest&druid, or shaman&paladin seem to be good choices. Or will I take the priest/paladin and keep the shaman/druid? hmm..  A part of me is shouting that I should just pick two and stop being so damn attached to them all. Even better is to just specialize in one single character, but that’s all a lot easier said than done when the choice really has to be made 🙂


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