The realm troll

From the day I started playing Warcraft, there was always one famous person on the server that everyone knew. More famous than the guy with the scarab mount, who was standing AFK in Ironforge most of the day on that annoying thing. It hasn’t always been the same person, or at least name, it changed over time. However, it was always someone that everybody knew. The sole mention of the name caused discussions and stirred up emotions like hatred and joy. There’s only one place you can find him/her, that’s on the trade channel. I’m talking about the realm troll, and I don’t mean as in horde race.

Troll isn’t the right label. I’m just calling it the troll because that’s the closest description there is, but whether (s)he could be considered a troll is an opinion that differs widely from person to person. Myself? I always enjoyed his/her presence. I could be sure that whenever (s)he (I very much doubt it has ever been a girl though, at least in my realms case) logged in that it was the best time to do some AH stuff, because /2 would become entertaining. In contrary to Dirge or Anal spam, the realm troll annoys with style.

He mingles in conversations, inserting complete nonsense, or just starts spewing nonsense out of the blue. He makes statements that are sure to be opposed, like that some classes are overpowered, preferably ones that are generally considered not to be. Sometimes he’s mixes nonsense up with truths, just to confuse people. Sometimes even makes statements that show he’s likely a very experienced player, just having fun on an alt. The hilarious part is that even though it’s so obvious he’s just doing it to get reactions, that everyone should know by now he’s just having a laugh, there’s always a few that just have to respond. They take it (probably themselves) way to seriously, get completely pissed off, and try to teach this guy how it really works (well, in their opinion).

And I can’t help it, I’m just laughing my ass off most of the time. There’s something funny about people who take themselves way to seriously, falling for his statments time after time. They seriously hate a guy who’s just being a clown, though I see him as our local satirical comedian.

Having been on the same server my entire wow life, I wonder how this is on other realms. Is this something typical for mine? or is there one everywhere? I think there should be. Just like a true satirical comedian, he exposes those that aren’t the brightest, but do have a little too high opinion of themselves, and turns them into the joke. These are the same people that annoy others by having insane requirements, who blame everyone else but themselves when a run goes bad, or who votekick those that don’t live up to their standards, even if it’s not even required.

So, this post is actually in honor of the realm troll, you’re doing a good job, keep it up!


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