Paladin healing continued

I really love it! Could very well be that it’s because it’s new again, but I’m just having a lot of fun healing with the paladin.

Like I always do, I first mess around with specs and glyphs myself and when I think I’ve got it figured out, I go to EJ to see how it’s supposed to be done (well… how they do it). Sometimes I’m spot on (e.g. a resto shaman build pretty much has only one way to go), but most of the time I can find a few tweaks here and there.

I found a tweak here and there.

So, what changed. First I chanced my build. Not much, but a little. I went for the improved devotion aura instead of benediction this time, for the tree like aura, and the armor for the tanks. I thought I would be casting holy shock often in the beginning, but I figured out soon enough that holy paladin is not meant to be played that way. I keep it there just for small emergencies or when on the run, so mana preservation on instants is hardly needed.

Biggest changes are the glyphs. Glyph of Holy Shock, and Glyph of Seal of Light got replaced. Now I have Glyph of Seal of Wisdom and Glyph of Beacon of Light. I kept Glyph of Holy Light.

The glyph of Beacon of Light is far better than I initially expected. I’m probably repeating some basic stuff already mentioned on the holy paladin thread on EJ, but the fact that it doesn’t share the same length with Sacred Shield makes it so much safer to rebuff in fight. Beacon of light is simply too important to ever lose.

That’s why I love my ZOMGBuffs addon so much. It tracks buffs like beacon of light, earth shield, sacred shield, much better than any unitframes addon I know. I like to turn on the bufftracker icons for those buffs, so I can’t just see the time left on the buffs, no matter what I do, I get a warning, and an easy method to rebuff on the correct target right away.


Sidenote: What I don’t like about ZOMG is the paladin buffing. I realize that it’s just pally power they’ve included in the package, so I should look annoyed at that one first. The thing is, that it absolutely requires someone who is a leader to configure the damn thing, sync it, and then, only if everyone else has it (fat chance in pugs) it will do what it’s supposed to do. Otherwise it will stick to your own preference, which is always kings in my case. I chose that because might is normally useless because there’s nearly always a warrior, and for most casters kings is more interesting than wisdom. But in the rare case there are two paladins, it’s always buffing madness. There’s also always people wanting something odd, like mages who want wisdom instead of kings, or hunters who want wisdom instead of might. But even if you ignore those, it’s still usually a buffing overwrite-fest.

To buffing addon authors: you can see which buff is yours and which isn’t, at least via the warcraft LUA API you can. Please make buff addons smart enough to realize that if there’s a kings on a character, and it isn’t mine, that it’s perhaps a wise thing to buff one of the other buffs. A pally power leader is hardly needed, it can be done completely automatic (holy paladins will default to wisdom in case of doubt, retribution to might). Who cares if it’s not 100% what everyone of those beautiful and unique individuals actually want, in nearly all cases it’s pretty straighforward what to buff per class. In the end, it’s better to have an enhancement shaman buffed with kings and wisdom than just kings alone, because getting pallypower configured and set up was too much trouble and nobody cared except those that didn’t get the buffs: too late, tank already charged.

Perhaps because it is part of my job to analyze userfriendliness of software, and which I’m good at because I’m allergic to unnecessary complexity. I’m a strong supporter of the KISS principle, and one of my most used movie quotes must be from Layer Cake, Eddie Temple: “details, details, don’t bother me with details”. That pretty much summs it up. When an addon isn’t much faster, or easier than manual buffing, it has missed it’s purpose. This includes learning curves and figuring out what the author meant with, or has hidden, the options.

/rant over


What I so much enjoy about being a holy paladin is that it’s actually useful to mix in the fight yourself. I still haven’t done a raid yet, mostly because my GS is crap and GS mania has deeply infected my server since a few months (*sigh*). It’s like asking for [EPIC] to do naxx10 all over again.

Sorry, that was almost another rant 🙂

What I already liked is the usefulness of throwing judgements around. I now try to keep the judement up on the main target too, nut just for the 60 second buff on myself. It’s a big part of paladin in case there’s no other one around throwing JoL. What I like more is that now that I’m using seal of wisdom instead of seal of light, auto attacking is great for regenerating mana! Whenever there’s a few seconds without damage, I’m doing my part in dps! And while I used to have some mana problems yesterday, with the few upgrades and changes I did today, it’s rare to see me end with more than 1/4th of my mana gone 🙂

Still, I’ve got a lot to improve. I’m handling my divine plea self buff nicely with the following macro:

/cancelaura Divine Plea
/cast Divine Plea

Press once to fill ‘r up, press another time to hit the road again 🙂

…That’s a good example of the KISS principle, btw 😉

But the other buffs, like Divine Illumination, Divine Favor, Avenging Wrath, I still haven’t found a good way to use them effectively. I just use DI whenever it’s off cooldown, and I just don’t use Divine Favor yet. Avenging wrath only when I know what to expect.

The thing is that I’m used to macro these kinds of abilities, and put them under my click config. Of all characters, the last one on which I expected to run out was my paladin.. but now look at my configurations:

Paladin Left Middle Right B4
Plain Holy Shock Blessing of Protection Flash of Light Cleanse
Shift Beacon Blessing of Salvation Holy Light
Ctrl Sacred Shield Blessing of Sacrifice Lay on Hands Divine Int
Priest Left Middle Right B4
Plain Renew CoH Flash Heal Dispell
Shift PoM Binding Heal Greater Heal Abolish D
Ctrl Shield PoH Guardian Spirit
Druid Left Middle Right B4
Plain Rejuvenation Wild Growth Nourish Abolish P
Shift Lifebloom Regrowth Decurse
Ctrl Swiftmend Instant HT Innervate
Shaman Left Middle Right B4
Plain Riptide Chain Heal Lesser HW Cleanse
Shift Earth Shield Instant Chainheal Healing Wave
Ctrl GotN Instant HW

I guess it’s NOT the paladin! 😀

I still need a spot for my “powered heal” which will be a either a Holy Light or a Holy Shock with all cooldowns activated, and preferably a spot where I can /assist cast my judgement. Though the last one is just a nice to have.

I consider all the other keys (alt, ctrl-shift, etc. to be too hard to reach, or too risky (especially with a DI on the grid), so I want all my main spells on this grid alone.

For my priest I’m content. All the other spells aren’t targeted, so I have put them under hotkeys. For my paladin, I have to figure it out. Some hands could be removed, salvation for example, I don’t consider that my responsibility anyway. I’m already missing freedom, that shouldn’t be needed for anyone but myself in PvE anyway (haven’t thought of any reason yet). I would’ve liked to have ‘m all though, guess I’m out of luck 🙂

Anyway, I’ve added some more triggers, like when holy shock triggers infusion of light and I’m fairly confident that what I have set up now is good enough for serious bizzness. My average illvl is 225, so a normal TotC10 should be easily doable. I’m saved to most easier raids though (except naxx, etc), so looking forward to coming Wednesday.


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