Holy raid impressions!

New weekly raid! It was Ignis the furnace master (again….), and I wasn’t saved in Ulduar. Great opportunity to test out my new spec in a raid environment.

First off: what is up with people not using the new raidbrowser? It’s much better than the old one ever was, yet nobody on my server seems to even take a peek at it! When I logged on, practically the whole of trade chat was filled with two kinds of requests: “LFG/M [Ignis the furnace master must die]” and “Trade chat is for trading, go away!!”.

I put myself into the raidbrowser right away, so I just started milling some stuff waiting for a response. There was a clear lack of healers because of multiple requests “LF Healer weekly, last spot!! We have cookies!” were floating by. Some were spamming for 30 minutes, and they hadn’t taken a peek in the raidbrowser and were still looking. That’s 9 people in a raid, waiting, and not ONE of them thinking about it.

But I’m not responding. I can be bloody stubborn that way. I also see it as a basic intelligence test.

In the end, it was me who gave up (after 45 minutes), it was getting obvious they weren’t going to learn and I really wanted to try out my brand new spec.

I just picked a group that was spamming trade, and went along. FL was already dead, so we went straight up to Ignis. Apparently they tried solo healing it and already failed at the two giants protecting the entrance.

When I think about it, they’d rather just solo heal the attempt than to check out the raidbrower… *sigh*

Ok, enough about that.

So, about the healing.. Now.. I really would’ve liked to tell an awesome tale with spectacular adventures, but it was…. well… kinda.. boring..

I tried to avoid the “b” word, but I don’t know how to wrap it up in a nicer way. I was literally just spamming flash of light and holy light on one tank, while keeping the other tank buffed with beacon and shield. While flying through the air I used a shock, and while landed I holy-lighted the lowest few back up, threw a new judgement on the boss, and on we went again. Oh, and don’t forget the fire resistance aura, mastery and divine guardian on flame jets of course… but.. still meh..

I guess this isn’t the most spectacular bossfight to do. I remember him being a pain when Ulduar just came out, but now it’s just tank and spank. There’s no quick reflexes required after the flame jets, because everyone has more than enough HP these days to survive even the dot afterwards, before getting any heal.

Yup, I was basically just spamming away there.

But in the defense of the paladin, When I healed it on my shaman it wasn’t much more interesting.

…Well, besides the fact that the tanks thought they were smart by tanking the big revenants against the wall around the corner, trapping the whirlwinds in the same area as we all were. So we were all flying through the air, adds were pulled. I died, ressurected, grabbed all mana cooldowns I had, kept the tanks alive. We BARELY survived it, but we killed them all.

Then before we got everyone back up again in full health, mana and buffs, they were already doing EXACTLY THE SAME on the other side!!


I’m serious when I say that online gaming isn’t good for your health. It’s not natural. We’re just animals with instincts. In nature, when somebody, or something does something so incredibly stupid you wanna strangle him, you can! You even should! …For the sake of evolution. But with online games, there’s a network of glass fiber and copper between us, and those deserving that treatment could be anywhere within a 1000 mile radius, perhaps more (I recently met some people from India on our EU server f.e, never knew). They’re safe and they know it! WTB Teleport: Moron.. Instant cast, bring a bat.

So, anyway, what was kinda funny was how I quickly unlearned one healer from the other. When I went back to the shaman I panicked a little when I couldn’t find my judgment of light, and I was sometimes surprised when my earth shielded target didn’t get the same heals I was giving the others.

DUH /slap self 🙂


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