The good, the bad and gearscore

No, this is not a gearscore bash or promotion topic. I use it myself, the way it’s intended: a quick and rough indication.

I actually don’t want to write much today. Yesterdays post took way to much time, so I’m keeping it simple today.

Did Occulus with this tank..

And healing was still very much boring..

Not so much because I am overgeared for it, but just because this guy hardly needed any attention at all.

I played with this one in FoS:

His gearscore was roughly 3k5 (forgot screenshot).

Had no problems healing him also, even though he was actually a bad tank, and I don’t mean in gear (I had constant aggro myself, being the healer).

Just posting it to show the gearscore gestapo that you don’t need a 4k+ tank to do heroics, even if the tank is crap. Perhaps HoR needs a little extra, but that’s it.


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