Stealth douchebags!

Streak of negative posts FTW!

Guess that’s just me, lots of people tend to annoy me 😉

I’m still not playing WoW, but this is something that popped up, because this can happen in any game… and does… It’s about a situation I come across a lot, because I’m the kind of guy that often needs some time on my own, so I tend to play on “secret” alts, or under different names, depending on the game.

So who are those stealth douchebags? Me? because I like some me time? Nah.. doesn’t everyone needs a break from the social circus every now and then? I’m not hurting anyone.

No, I’m talking about people you know, like guildmembers, or friends (at least you thought they were) that always seem like a nice guy/gal. Always friendly, social, etc. But who have another side which is not so visible…

Until you’re playing on this alt.. Well, I was, many times.. which didn’t have the prestigious guildlabel, or simply isn’t as well known, or well geared as the main(s). You queue up for a dungeon, or raid, and you get into a group with that someone you know… For a second you think about telling who you are, but you remember that you did that before and therefore you’ve got 3 other chars that used to be you’re escape chars, but everyone knows them now, so they’re in your guild as one of your alts now.

Anyway! ..This person has no idea that anyone he/she knows is in the group, and acts like a complete douchebag. Completely different than you ever knew him/her.. Blaming everyone, blaming YOU, complaining about gearscore, the full douchebag package!

And there you are.. biting your lip (well, fingers ;)), because you SOO want to reveal who you are right now.. but you don’t.. because you don’t want to lose yet another escape char in the process..

Believe it or not, I’ve had this happen quite a few times!

And I still don’t know how to deal with this. I don’t like to tell the rest of the guild I’m playing some alt that’s just mine, so I can tell how I know.. I’m very aware that doing that could (and will) be taken the wrong way. And who could blame them? But nobody is perfect, and this is just my little quirk. I play games to get away, and sometimes I even need to get away from the game (or the people).. It doesn’t mean I don’t like them, sometimes it’s just because I’m cranky myself and don’t want to bother them with it..

Nothing is more annoying than to know the truth about someone, but you’re not able to tell it.. And meanwhile this person is getting praised and loved by the rest of the group, and I’m starting to look like a douche for not congratulating him/her on some drop or whatever..

The big dilemma here is: I could stop having secret chars (at least on the same server) and be able to tell the truth about these people.. But if I do this, I will also never know this truth because they would know me.. Honestly, I like to know this truth, even though it brings me into a not so pleasant situation.. I guess I’ve got this rare mental condition where I would rather be a bit more miserable myself than to unknowingly support an asshole.

Luckily though, the opposite happens too..People in my guild that never/rarely spoke a word in /g or TS.. people who I hardly knew existed, turned out to be very helpful, social people in PuG’s.. For some reason they were a bit shy in the guild, but were actually really nice people.. In those cases I feel like a real jerk for secretly spying on them (even though it’s not intended), but those people have the effect on me that I login to my escape chars much less.

The world needs more of those people.


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