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I don’t want no part of this..

I just found this video…

Surely, It’s been around on many blogs already I guess, as I hardly check those anymore and it’s a few days old already.

All I can say is that it makes me want to distance me even further from this game. I know it’s just one crazy person and it’s not saying anything about people who play in general. The thing is that it kinda reminds me to that “need” I used to feel to login every now and then: just checking mail, AH, calendar, daily, etc, etc, bloody etc. It wasn’t an overwhelming need (well, sometimes it was), but it was there nonetheless. The need wasn’t because of the incredible amount of fun that I just couldn’t resist anymore, NO! It was only because things had to be done, because a day lost was emblems lost, gold lost, less life lost 🙂

I’m SOOOOOO glad that’s gone!

You know, I had 1600 glyphs on the AH when I last logged in.. These are all timed out from my mailbox right now, and I… I just don’t give a crap!

I probably made around 4000g gold from those also, which is what I usually got from a full AH post.. but, no problem.. screw it..

Same goes for 45 mails all maxed with stacks of herbs.. gone! …Not even the slightest feeling of regret.. Well, perhaps that these poor plants were picked for nothing… ah screw it, it’s just pixels!

I guess this is it.. forever this time.. Wow is over for me, I don’t like it anymore, and right now I really don’t want to be part of it anymore.. stopping my automatic payments as we speak..

Glad that’s over with… 😉

So, what’s next?

I’ve been watching more and more video’s from Star Wars: the old republic, and I like it. I like their idea about it too: they think of “epic” battles as where one man beats strong or multiple opponents. Not like wow, where 25 beat one. That’s hardly epic, that’s just ganging up where you’ll always be just another cog in the machine.

Besides, I really like the Bioware games too. I loved mass effect 1&2, they’ve got a real eye for quality. My feelings towards lucasarts have been dropping though, but I just hope they’re only lending their label because SW is their franchise. The Bioware story crew is more than capable of telling good stories themselves, but don’t take my word for it, even the biggest game cynic on the planet says so (at 3:00 if you can’t handle hilarious sarcasm ^^)

The thing is, I’m not even that much of a starwars fan!  Then again, I never was much of a dungeons and dragons fan too (f.e. I stopped playing dragon age, even though the game is technically very good). I know one big starwars fan though, the only RL friend of mine that still playing wow right now, so I’ll get probably him to switch too 🙂

Don’t worry, the face on the preview isn’t an in game character, that’s just a developer. The game looks exactly like you’d expect from a SW MMORPG, or any SW game for that matter.

Anyway… That bountyhunter looks absolutely sexy (no, not in a gay way!), so I already know what my first choice is going to be 🙂


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