Note: this page still needs some work, like most of the blog.

In short: this is my blog about World of Warcraft. Healing, Tanking, pugging, gold making, whatever is on my mind, even non Warcraft related stuff.

The blog’s name is actually a small accident. At the moment I created it, I just returned from the daily heroic, where some guy was constantly getting himself killed, followed by asking for a ress before he even fully hit the ground. Which must be the most used useless and annoying request in the entire game. After the 2nd time I started answering with a light sarcastic remarks like “That’s actually a good idea, I keep forgetting I can do that”, and “Are you sure you don’t want to do a corpserun? We won’t mind waiting”, but he didn’t get the hint. It will always bug me when people ask for a ress. I wonder if there are any healers that actually let people lie there, unless asked. An even more annoying moment is when there’s a full wipe, and there’s one or a few that didn’t do the corpserun and were probably getting a snack or a drink. In those cases I’m not ressing them at all, I’ll just sit next to their corpse and go get a drink and snack myself.

Anyway, so I typed it as temporary name, because I was sure I could change the name later anyway. Then I found out they don’t allow domain names changes. So, this just is going to be the name then <throws bottle of champagne>! On the bright side, I think it’s actually kinda catchy, and I’ve not been able to come up with something better anyway.

Oh, and about me, short: I’ve been playing warcraft since the end of classic wow, started doing serious raids in TBC, but never got further than lootreaver pre3.0 patch. I’m quite the alt-o-holic, but my specialty has always been healing. I like healing that much (yes, those people exist) that I’ve got all 4 healing classes now. Though the paladin and the druid are mainly tanks.

English isn’t my native language btw, so feel free to correct me if you find any mistakes. Languages have never been my specialty, so I won’t take any offence.


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