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Tip of the day: Weapon training

I still don’t understand the need for weapon skill. There are many things removed from the game, and most of the current content can be faceroled by headless chickens. I felt disappointment with each of the many patchnotes that included some sort of leveling nerfing. Things like removing the need for some of the cool class questlines for mounts and forms (everyone with a druid simply has to do the flight form questline, it’s just too good to skip), changing areas of hostiles into boring neutral characters, nerfing many of the the feared elites into lame regular mobs. I’m waiting for the day that even Hogger, or Mor’ladim get slapped by the nerf bat.

But of all the things that they touched that that really didn’t have to, they kept that completely senseless weapon skill training. I really don’t see how that adds anything to the game. Casters don’t have casting skill they need to train. Feral druids don’t need to up their paw-skill. Any other melee or ranged class has to go through hours of senseless boring weapon training thoughout his playing time. Each new expansion it’s the same crap again.

After having leveled a priest, a mage, a feral druid, a warlock, I started leveling the two classes I actually wanted to take first time I heard about wow: A paladin and a shaman (my current mains). Having leveled both with heirloom weapons I wasn’t really confronted with this problem untill I got my first new weapon at 80. My paladin was first to hit 80 and my first heirloom replacement was a nice new polearm from VH. I enchanted it, equipped it, and went back in the LFG for the next HC… But when charged the first group of trash, something seemed wrong.. what is that swoosh sound I keep hearing? And… is recount broken?

Oh crap… weapon skill!! /cry

Luckily I had my heirloom still on me, so I could switch back instantly.

First thing that popped in my mind was going to blasted lands, to train on those unkillable mobs I once heard about a long time ago. Apparently Blizzard had been on to this and clearly thought it was necessary that all weapon users went through the misery of skilling by actively participating in the tedious process. A game should be boring, of course! Except when you’re a caster or a feral druid. Anyway, those mobs don’t skill anymore I noticed pretty fast.

So.. where do I find something that doesn’t die (or at least not fast), and doesn’t hit hard enough back so I can train while reading blogs, or perhaps do something usefull around the house 🙂

Then it hit me!

Those druids in Crystalsong Forest are perfect.

They heal themselves constantly and hit like a big wuss with severely lacking motor skills. On top of that, they’re right below Dalaran.

It took me one tree to level my polearm all the way from 1 to 360, and I hardly had to do anything but check every now and then whether he wasn’t dead already.

It’s probably harder for a non-self healing class, and a fast hitter like with dual-wielding, because they have thorns, but I haven’t discovered a better practice dummy yet.

So, good luck training!

Tree fight!

Tree fight!

UPDATE: Well, there’s definitely something I’ve missed in the cataclysm patchnotes (probably a lot more, I haven’t been going over any recent patchnotes with a magnifying glass lately). They’re removing weapon skill, finally! Still, doesn’t change anything about this tip, for now we’re still stuck with it.


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