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Stealth douchebags!

Streak of negative posts FTW!

Guess that’s just me, lots of people tend to annoy me šŸ˜‰

I’m still not playing WoW, but this is something that popped up, because this can happen in any game… and does… It’s about a situation I come across a lot, because I’m the kind of guy that often needs some time on my own, so I tend to play on “secret” alts, or under different names, depending on the game.

So who are those stealth douchebags? Me? because I like some me time? Nah.. doesn’t everyone needs a break from the social circus every now and then? I’m not hurting anyone.

No, I’m talking about people you know, like guildmembers, or friends (at least you thought they were) that always seem like a nice guy/gal. Always friendly, social, etc. But who have another side which is not so visible…

Until you’re playing on this alt.. Well, I was, many times.. which didn’t have the prestigious guildlabel, or simply isn’t as well known, or well geared as the main(s). You queue up for a dungeon, or raid, and you get into a group with that someone you know… For a second you think about telling who you are, but you remember that you did that before and therefore you’ve got 3 other chars that used to be you’re escape chars, but everyone knows them now, so they’re in your guild as one of your alts now.

Anyway! ..This person has no idea that anyone he/she knows is in the group, and acts like a complete douchebag. Completely different than you ever knew him/her.. Blaming everyone, blaming YOU, complaining about gearscore, the full douchebag package!

And there you are.. biting your lip (well, fingers ;)), because you SOO want to reveal who you are right now.. but you don’t.. because you don’t want to lose yet another escape char in the process..

Believe it or not, I’ve had this happen quite a few times!

And I still don’t know how to deal with this. I don’t like to tell the rest of the guild I’m playing some alt that’s just mine, so I can tell how I know.. I’m very aware that doing that could (and will) be taken the wrong way. And who could blame them? But nobody is perfect, and this is just my little quirk. I play games to get away, and sometimes I even need to get away from the game (or the people).. It doesn’t mean I don’t like them, sometimes it’s just because I’m cranky myself and don’t want to bother them with it..

Nothing is more annoying than to know the truth about someone, but you’re not able to tell it.. And meanwhile this person is getting praised and loved by the rest of the group, and I’m starting to look like a douche for not congratulating him/her on some drop or whatever..

The big dilemma here is: I could stop having secret chars (at least on the same server) and be able to tell the truth about these people.. But if I do this, I will also never know this truth because they would know me.. Honestly, I like to know this truth, even though it brings me into a not so pleasant situation.. I guess I’ve got this rare mental condition where I would rather be a bit more miserable myself than to unknowingly support an asshole.

Luckily though, the opposite happens too..People in my guild that never/rarely spoke a word in /g or TS.. people who I hardly knew existed, turned out to be very helpful, social people in PuG’s.. For some reason they were a bit shy in the guild, but were actually really nice people.. In those cases I feel like a real jerk for secretly spying on them (even though it’s not intended), but those people have the effect on me that I login to my escape chars much less.

The world needs more of those people.


Why you should never doubt yourself too fast

I’ve got some kind of “curse”. Every time I try something new, things go horribly wrong, or just extremely difficult, while I feel it’s not supposed to be that way. Yet, I rarely find out what the reason for that is right away. In the past this has made doubt my own abilities.

Luckily I don’t believe in nonsense like curses. Bad luck just happens. Especially the first time things tend to seem worse than they are.

Why am I telling this?

I just finished a very rough HoR run. I still hadn’t healed that place on the paladin, and now I got it for the daily. While I knew she was geared more than enough for that place, and I didn’t have any problems with the other ICC dungeons, I just didn’t like the thought of having to heal it without any AOE spells.

When I entered that place I first made extra sure there weren’t going to be any surprises, so I checked the tank quickly to see if he was any good. This guy’s gear was looking great. Everything was nicely enchanted and gemmed, his spec seemed fine too (as far as I can tell from a DK, the only class I barely know anything about). The rest of the group seemed like decent dps too, except for the warlock who immediately started tapping and took no effort to drink/eatĀ  *sigh*.

I didn’t heal the warlock and we started the fight.

Ouch, this was harder that I hoped. I was spamming holy lights constantly, while getting knocked back, stunned, interrupted, frozen. The tank got to dangerously low levels quite a few times. I know DK tanks can be spiky, but this wasn’t fun anymore. Also, compared to my Shaman, the greater heals seemed to take forever, which was weird in a way, because I remember healing this place when they were just as fast on my shaman (1.5 seconds). I didn’t remember me having to use that many greater heals before. Earthshield and Ancestral Healing are powerful abilities, though, I wondered if those made the difference.

A tragedy happened: we wiped on the 4th wave. I had a hard time keeping the tank up, and he went down to 5% in the short time I got stunned. I didn’t have time to finish the cast after the stun wore off. The tank died.

I can’t remember wiping in HoR anymore. That hadn’t happened in ages, at least not when I tanked or healed it, so I felt kinda shitty about it. And even though I couldn’t believe that I wouldn’t be able to heal this place, there was absolutely nothing I could think of that could be wrong, I double, triple checked.

The group wasn’t complaining oddly enough, so we tried again. I politely asked the tank to use a cooldown when I was stunned. I knew he would be too busy to notice that and I don’t even know what kinds of cooldowns a DK tank has (he was blood spec I think), but I felt I had to try something.

So we tried again. This time I prepared myself for heavy heal nuking and mentally switched over to my 25Mans tank healing mode. I only focused on the tank, healing others using full holy lights as soon as the tank took the slightest bit of damage. I also used holy wrath every cooldown to create some short time-outs. Every single thing I did was necessary, because I had a real hard time keeping this guy up.

We got to Falric. In contrary to other healers, this is actually a great one to heal as a paladin healer. That might sound strange, because he does massive AOE damage, but having Shadow resistance aura + Aura mastery, and Bubble + Divine protection makes mitigating his AOE’s a joke. So, we downed him without too much effort.

Second set of waves.

Oh no, wipe at the 4th wave again!

I’m slowly starting to doubt my ability to do this. Are there any more abilities I can use? Would hand of sacrifice be a safe thing to do? I didn’t know it anymore.

We started again. I decided to use my bubble as soon as I noticed a rogue, in the fourth wave, because I clearly couldn’t afford one single stun.

I was hating the spikes. This damage was abnormal! I gave it all I had, blowing every cooldown I had, and we got till Marwyn, though I was OOM.

I used Plea while I drankĀ  in the short time that boss came running to us. This boss was never hard to heal, I didn’t need much mana for this.

A few seconds into the fight. Tank loses 70% of his health in one shot! Whaaat??

I heal him up. Bam, again, 20% HP left.

What is this? I heal him to 80%, but now I’m out of mana.

Tank dies, we wipe.

“Ok guys, I don’t get this. I’ve never seen tanks take insane amounts of damage like this on that boss before. Something is wrong, but I have no idea what it is. Everything seems to be ok”.

A moment of silence..

“My gear is broken”.

You’ve GOT to be kidding me…. That never even crossed my mind even ONCE!

I only had such a thing happen to me one time, way back in TBC, after a bunch of wipes on Prince and then Nightbane. I was just as surprised back then as I was now. I always repair every chance I get, mostly because it’s done automatically by my addons (I believe titan panel has it build in). It had never happened to me before also, so I even wrote a ticket about my stats being wrong. Recount was covering the location where the “broken gear guy” was located, so I didn’t have the slightest idea something obvious was wrong.

Since then it never happened to me again, ever. And besides the random “lolwut” dps in pugs that asks for a repairbot after the first wipe, something that always annoys the crap out of me, I never even slightly considered this to be a thing that would happen to a decent player at the start of a raid, let alone a heroic.

But it did.

This whole run I was slowly beginning to doubt myself, even though the voices of reason, wisdom and experience were shouting to me: there is something else wrong, and you know it! You just haven’t figured out what it is!

I knew these “voices” were right, because they’ve always been right, yet without a good explanation I feel very uncomfortable, I have to know everything: I hate guessing.

Anyway, after the tank came back from fixing his gear, his health had shot up with 4000HP compared to when we started the instance. He must have had multiple pieces broken even back then.

Healing got much more relaxed, like it should with our gear. I didn’t have to stress anymore. We ended the waves and fight with me still having 85% of my mana.

The rest of the run was no problem as well, and I didn’t even break a sweat on the final battle. This all made a lot more sense to me.

It’s funny how after years of experience with healing, different classes, specs, roles, basic game mechanics, but definitely also a lot of experience with this particular encounter, I was still able to start doubting my own abilities. I’m always telling other people to never do this, but I still do it myself. Yet again, I got proven that there is no reason to. Will I end up in a similar situation again? Most likely. Will I doubt myself about things in the future? I hope not, but it can always happen.

I just hope this experience shows once again, that whenever things just seem like they aren’t right, they probably aren’t.Ā  Some call it instinct, others call it intuition, but it’s in fact just your own logic being suppressed by momentary fear (doubt), or other clouds covering your judgment.

I’d say, send in Charles Bronson

I was just skimming through the suggestion forum, and found this little gem of a post:

Greetings ‘Blizzard’,

Through the years you have sought ways to improve this game and make it as player-friendly as possible, and in many ways you have accomplished just that. However, with every new tool that you have placed in the hands of the players, many new problems have arisen – most of them created by the players themselves, and most of them dealing with player behavior.

In this game and on these forums, there is a sad tendency for users to behave in an inappropriate or offensive manner toward other users. Calling people bad names, ignoring other players for no real reason, rushing through dungeons without even greeting your partymembers, sending threatening whispers to a player who killed you in-game, trolling, ignorant vote-kicking, making defamatory posts etc. etc – these all create a very hostile gaming and game-related environment which truly sucks the fun out of being part of the World of Warcraft.

Many of the new tools you have given us over the years carry with them a lot of new possibilities for negative behavior towards other players, and these possibilities are sadly being taken advantage of every time. Yet no real efforts have been taken on your part to remedy this issue. Your only mention of how you expect a player to behave can be found in ancient half-hearted half-hidden policies that they are far from very informative or up-to-date. These policies do not truly address any ethical issues, they only make mention of what is ‘not’ allowed, and the word ‘decency’ is all too gone from them.

Positive behaviour, decency, patience – these should all be very important factors in a game that allows the interaction of millions of players. This is something ‘you’, as the company who created this MMORGP, should be aware of and very interested in advancing – and this is where my suggestion for you comes in.

I believe it may be time that you start addressing the ethical issues of this game, and educate people in positive handling of the tools you put in their hands. This will require you to focus a lot of your ressources on creating a friendlier environment in your games and make your player-base a lot more aware of what ‘proper behaviour’ is all about. Campaigns, banners, introductionary messages, multi-language in-game accesible policies, commercials – all focusing on improving the general tone of the players of your games, and you need to keep that focus on.

These steps must be taking ‘now’. In the end every player will be thankful for it, for who truly wants to play a game where rudeness and indecency rules the day?


-XXXXXXX- of the Crimson Moon

I love the fact that it’s such a wonderfully written plea towards Blizzard about the growing anti-social behavior we’re experiencing. It can’t be denied that compared to WoW a few years ago, the amount of assholes has increased exponentially. This post is not the only one on the subject by the way, there’s one every day. Someone was asking for a “gogogo” filter (I loved that one), another for servers for mature people only (as if that would help), one for a newbie servers where newbies can happily pull entire instances together, without being called retard (I doubt that very much though) and you wouldn’t believe the amount of anti-ninja solutions I’ve seen.

Apart from the last one, I don’t understand how people expect Blizzard to help. It reminds me of a post from Spinks, who posted about someone who was more or less expected to babysit some obnoxious kid. You can’t expect anyone to play babysitter, or act as morale police/coach. It’s everyone’s own responsibility.

I’m a strong supporter of freedom of expression/speech, whether I like that speech it or not. A quote from one of my favorite philosophers is fitting:

I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.


If there’s anything that hold value to me it’s that. It’s one of the reasons I started this blog and dedicated my first post about my strong dislike towards pre-moderated blogs, where censoring an opposing statement is too easy/inviting and therefor will happen (I recently got “silenced” again for no reason I can come up with by someone I really didn’t expect it from).

Therefor I say: if someone wants to be an asshole, he has the right to be one. I don’t like to be surrounded by them either, but if I want to force someone to behave the way I want him to, I would be worse: I would be a dictator, a control freak.. “look at my world, it’s beautiful”, but beneath it there’s suppression and censorship happening.

So, what can you do in an environment where you like to be, but where you are constantly annoyed by people who have a different attitude than yours?

  • Accept the fact first. It’s the situation now, deal with it. It’s your problem, not theirs, they’re fine, unless their problem with you is equally great, in that case you have to work it out.
  • Find like minded people and stick with them.
  • Just don’t take any shit, ever. Don’t play Mr/Miss nice guy/girl hoping that they’ll see how it’s done. People only change their attitude if they realize that they need to to get what they want. Otherwise, there’s no reason, it wouldn’t even cross their mind. There’s a clear line between being an asshole and harassing. The first is ok, the last one absolutely isn’t. Blizzard can and will help you with that too, like they should.
  • Stay focused on what you want.
  • And if you still don’t like it anymore, you might need to accept that it’s time to find something else. Shit happens.

But forcing someone is always a bad solution. No matter what the problem is. It doesn’t solve the problem, it suppresses it. A suppressed problem will always come back later, or turn into another problem.

However, I agree about the general attitude not being as relaxed as it used to be. A new generation is entering the game, and they’re a bit more obnoxious. I can understand that people get fed up with them. I’ve got more problems with idiots myself, but those will always be around, everywhere. If day ever comes that the amount of assholes get so high that I’m sick of ‘m too, I’mĀ  just going to play something else, simple. It’s a multiplayer game, andĀ  a multiplayer game is only fun if the players are, so that’s a logical solution to me. I might also try an RP server, to see how that’s like. I already started a new char not too long ago (no, not the bloggers one, I lost my interest after my post being moderated and the fact that the decision of server and faction was already made, both things go against my principles) and it’s really a whole different atmosphere.

But to play a game where people are forced to behave, and act happy or else, that sounds like true hell to me.

It’s just pixels!

Let me start by saying: NO IT ISN’T!!

I’ve seen this comment too many times float by in discussions, and it seriously pisses me off.

Whenever there’s some riot in Trade or anywhere about some guy ninjaing something, usually some stupid mount, there’s somebody sooner or later that is actually taking the side of the ninja by telling everyone to shut it, because “it’s just pixels” anyway.

This guy might think he’s sounding wise, but it’s absolute nonsense! This isn’t smart of wise or anything, it’s completely lacking the understanding of value.

Most people probably remember the news about a boy killing a friend over a sword (the tone in this post is a perfect example btw). In which case some guy killed a friend over selling a loaned sword. Now, what this guy did is absurd, absolutely, but how can anyone get so worked up about something if it were “just pixels”? Perhaps if he later killed people over the deletion of a desktop icon it might be some kind of weird psychological pixel dependency thing, but that’s not the case. It has all to do with value.

Let’s put it simple. Without humans (or living creatures for that matter) NOTHING would have value.

I can say that value is virtual in itself. It’s all in our heads.

But therefore it’s important…

We hold value to that old dusty toy, because it was what we played with when we were a kid.. But it’s just cotton and stuffing…

We hold value to that painting that has a money value of a few million, because it was painted by some guy we only know from history lessons… but it’s just linen and paint…

We hold value to our home, where we work so hard for to pay off, to furnish, etc.. It’s just bricks..

Your favorite football (or whatever sport) club won the cup this year! Yay! …but nah, no need for celebration, it’s just metal on some marble..

That old broken rusty clock that doesn’t even work anymore, but belonged to your passed away father.. Nah.. it’s just useless junk…

Your beloved wife…. Nah, just 80% water, some bones and fat! (alright, might be truth there ;))

I hope you see where I’m getting at… Reducing things to what they’re made from is plain idiocy.

Ok, one more: our bank accounts are nothing but bits and bytes too.. So is the bank account from the ones making the stupid comments..

Value is a personal thing. It’s a human thing. Even though most animals most likely hold value to things too (usually their offspring), though humans go far with this.

Value is what we give to every thing in our lives, it what being alive is about, being around things that you value, doing things that you value, creating value. It can be anything.

When you look at it logically, nothing is truly valuable, nothing has a true use or meaning. Everything just “is”. If you suppress all your feeling, everything is nothing but material, molecules. Nothing. Depressing isn’t it? Well, that’s what depressed people probably feel. Emptiness, lack of value.

Saying things “are just……..” is doing that, taking away the value we feel something has, for whatever reason, our personal reason.

So if anyone is angry because someone ninjad a mount, it’s not any different than when somebody stole his bike. It holds value, and it was taken from them. I might think that mount is just a stupid dumb ugly mount, but you’ve got every right to be pissed off and look for justice if it got taken from you while you earned it!

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