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I don’t want no part of this..

I just found this video…

Surely, It’s been around on many blogs already I guess, as I hardly check those anymore and it’s a few days old already.

All I can say is that it makes me want to distance me even further from this game. I know it’s just one crazy person and it’s not saying anything about people who play in general. The thing is that it kinda reminds me to that “need” I used to feel to login every now and then: just checking mail, AH, calendar, daily, etc, etc, bloody etc. It wasn’t an overwhelming need (well, sometimes it was), but it was there nonetheless. The need wasn’t because of the incredible amount of fun that I just couldn’t resist anymore, NO! It was only because things had to be done, because a day lost was emblems lost, gold lost, less life lost 🙂

I’m SOOOOOO glad that’s gone!

You know, I had 1600 glyphs on the AH when I last logged in.. These are all timed out from my mailbox right now, and I… I just don’t give a crap!

I probably made around 4000g gold from those also, which is what I usually got from a full AH post.. but, no problem.. screw it..

Same goes for 45 mails all maxed with stacks of herbs.. gone! …Not even the slightest feeling of regret.. Well, perhaps that these poor plants were picked for nothing… ah screw it, it’s just pixels!

I guess this is it.. forever this time.. Wow is over for me, I don’t like it anymore, and right now I really don’t want to be part of it anymore.. stopping my automatic payments as we speak..

Glad that’s over with… 😉

So, what’s next?

I’ve been watching more and more video’s from Star Wars: the old republic, and I like it. I like their idea about it too: they think of “epic” battles as where one man beats strong or multiple opponents. Not like wow, where 25 beat one. That’s hardly epic, that’s just ganging up where you’ll always be just another cog in the machine.

Besides, I really like the Bioware games too. I loved mass effect 1&2, they’ve got a real eye for quality. My feelings towards lucasarts have been dropping though, but I just hope they’re only lending their label because SW is their franchise. The Bioware story crew is more than capable of telling good stories themselves, but don’t take my word for it, even the biggest game cynic on the planet says so (at 3:00 if you can’t handle hilarious sarcasm ^^)

The thing is, I’m not even that much of a starwars fan!  Then again, I never was much of a dungeons and dragons fan too (f.e. I stopped playing dragon age, even though the game is technically very good). I know one big starwars fan though, the only RL friend of mine that still playing wow right now, so I’ll get probably him to switch too 🙂

Don’t worry, the face on the preview isn’t an in game character, that’s just a developer. The game looks exactly like you’d expect from a SW MMORPG, or any SW game for that matter.

Anyway… That bountyhunter looks absolutely sexy (no, not in a gay way!), so I already know what my first choice is going to be 🙂


Stealth douchebags!

Streak of negative posts FTW!

Guess that’s just me, lots of people tend to annoy me 😉

I’m still not playing WoW, but this is something that popped up, because this can happen in any game… and does… It’s about a situation I come across a lot, because I’m the kind of guy that often needs some time on my own, so I tend to play on “secret” alts, or under different names, depending on the game.

So who are those stealth douchebags? Me? because I like some me time? Nah.. doesn’t everyone needs a break from the social circus every now and then? I’m not hurting anyone.

No, I’m talking about people you know, like guildmembers, or friends (at least you thought they were) that always seem like a nice guy/gal. Always friendly, social, etc. But who have another side which is not so visible…

Until you’re playing on this alt.. Well, I was, many times.. which didn’t have the prestigious guildlabel, or simply isn’t as well known, or well geared as the main(s). You queue up for a dungeon, or raid, and you get into a group with that someone you know… For a second you think about telling who you are, but you remember that you did that before and therefore you’ve got 3 other chars that used to be you’re escape chars, but everyone knows them now, so they’re in your guild as one of your alts now.

Anyway! ..This person has no idea that anyone he/she knows is in the group, and acts like a complete douchebag. Completely different than you ever knew him/her.. Blaming everyone, blaming YOU, complaining about gearscore, the full douchebag package!

And there you are.. biting your lip (well, fingers ;)), because you SOO want to reveal who you are right now.. but you don’t.. because you don’t want to lose yet another escape char in the process..

Believe it or not, I’ve had this happen quite a few times!

And I still don’t know how to deal with this. I don’t like to tell the rest of the guild I’m playing some alt that’s just mine, so I can tell how I know.. I’m very aware that doing that could (and will) be taken the wrong way. And who could blame them? But nobody is perfect, and this is just my little quirk. I play games to get away, and sometimes I even need to get away from the game (or the people).. It doesn’t mean I don’t like them, sometimes it’s just because I’m cranky myself and don’t want to bother them with it..

Nothing is more annoying than to know the truth about someone, but you’re not able to tell it.. And meanwhile this person is getting praised and loved by the rest of the group, and I’m starting to look like a douche for not congratulating him/her on some drop or whatever..

The big dilemma here is: I could stop having secret chars (at least on the same server) and be able to tell the truth about these people.. But if I do this, I will also never know this truth because they would know me.. Honestly, I like to know this truth, even though it brings me into a not so pleasant situation.. I guess I’ve got this rare mental condition where I would rather be a bit more miserable myself than to unknowingly support an asshole.

Luckily though, the opposite happens too..People in my guild that never/rarely spoke a word in /g or TS.. people who I hardly knew existed, turned out to be very helpful, social people in PuG’s.. For some reason they were a bit shy in the guild, but were actually really nice people.. In those cases I feel like a real jerk for secretly spying on them (even though it’s not intended), but those people have the effect on me that I login to my escape chars much less.

The world needs more of those people.

Why do I have this blog again?

The last couple of days have had me thinking again why I started this thing. My original reason was to have some place of my own where I could spew all my thoughts, annoyances, rants, wonderful ideas and plans to take over the galaxy. Up till now I can’t say I didn’t enjoy my own little place of horrors, but I started wondering about what I’m really getting out of this all. I know my original reason was because I couldn’t stand blogs with a different opinions that put a cork in mine, so I wanted a place where I could freely dump what I was thinking, without the restriction of any opinion dictators (yes, pre-moderated blogs, I’m talking about you!).

Up till now, it turned out to take up masses amount of my time, while most the readers I’ve accumulated so far seem to either get misdirected from some travel sites (what the hell is up with that?), or got screwed by google while they were looking for some decent information. Sure, I knew it would take time, especially since I have hardly acted out any of the plans I wrote in one of my first posts. I guess I just didn’t feel like it.

Anyway, what got more and more clear to me is that there are a gazillion wow blogs out there. Every day I stumble upon more blogs like this one, small time starting wow blogs with hardly any attention. Some seem to have been around for a long time also, but are still sitting in a small dark corner.

Why don’t they get more viewers? Well, like I’ve explained in one of my earlier posts: people need to know that you exist before they’ll start reading for one, but you’ve also got to catch peoples interest. I don’t need an extensive research to figure that out, it’s how it works for me too. I discover blogs either by a search, or via other blogs. That last one, however, is by far the most effective method. If a blog get’s mentioned on another big blog, traffic will skyrocket. I’ve gotten to know nearly all blogs that way. The first one was via a google search, the rest via links and blogrolls.

So, there we’ve hit the biggest problem.

At the moment there’s a relatively small group of blogs that get most attention from the wow community (whatever that may be). These blogs are the first hits you’ll get when you’re looking for wow-blogs. These are the ones that everyone has on their blogroll, so if you know one blog, you’re likely to find them next.

So, effectively this means that to get your readers, you need to get known on these well known blogs first.

There’s only one way of doing that, and that’s become a regular commenter on theirs. With interesting comments, of course. You’ll get noticed, at least by the comment readers, and they’ll click your name sooner or later.

It shouldn’t pose a big problem if you’re someone very social that also likes to talk a lot, though it does also mean that you’ve got to like these known blogs, or at least, care for their topics enough to react. If you really want to become as big as them, some of them need to like you enough to put you on their list, not only so you reach more people via them, but it also boosts you in search engines.

The fact is, at the moment these blogs basically have an oligopoly on wow blogging. If you’re just starting a blog out of the blue and want to get readers without getting boosted by them, your only hope lies with the search engines. With the gazillion small time competitors out there however: good luck to you!

You can write a lot about specific subjects on which you can be sure to be googled often: like making gold, boss tactics, pvp tips: any interesting guide. Perhaps big news items too if you’re fast with it: my post about elitist armory still gets google hits today, for example, but I don’t have good enough sources to pull this off regularly, I just happened to stumble upon that one.

So, where am I going with all of this?

I just realized that I don’t care enough for keeping a blog to go through all that trouble. I could simply remain one of the gazillion small timers and perhaps over time grow a little while doing what I’m doing. The more important question is: do I really care about much attention? That answer is: no. I’m just not so much a social creature in that way. I just like to put my opinion out there, that’s the reason for having this blog. If it isn’t read however, it’s not really effective. To get it to be read, I need to put in effort that go far beyond my goals. This is my conflict.

My conclusion for now is that I don’t think that wow, a game, is important enough to me to put all that extra effort in. I’m not dropping the blog, but I’m not going to post as regularly as before either. Posting takes a lot of time and I was posting nearly every day, without really trying to get people to come here. That’s just a waste of time.

If I ever change my mind about his, I’m going to put all effort in, not just half of it. For now, I’m just going into relaxed-mode.

Updating looks

I seriously wonder if my host puts little faults in the default themes on purpose, because I just can’t find one that’s really “good enough”. It could be that my definition of “good enough” is a bit high (I can be a bit of a perfectionist from time to time, but laziness usually stops me), but it would make sense on their side to get more people to pay for the hosting, in which case you can edit the stylesheets, font’s and what not.

Anyway, you might see me juggle with pre defined themes in the coming days. Don’t be scared 😉 ..My last one had a terrible font that made everything look like a wall of text. Links were not very visible either, quote blocks were just indented pieces of text. I did like the looks at first though, but readability comes first.

The current one (which will probably be different again when you read it) has much better readability, but now the headers are a bit small and the bulletpoints don’t indent (small things that annoy the crap out of me, hehe). It also looks too… I don’t know.. official.

Anyway, be prepared.. And don’t hesitate to give some tips if you know some wordpress hacks (excluding writing in html mode, I hate that).. Anyone out there? Ah well.. I’ll just pretend 😉

Oh, this pisses me off

Just 30 minutes before the 3AM reset I realized that I still needed to do the daily heroic on both my characters. Not sure what the trigger was, entering it, or downing the boss, I chose to take my healer first, because that wait time is longer. I just really hoped the trigger was starting the instance.

Of course, I got Old kingdom. But it could have been worse, like pit of saron, or halls of lighting. The tank took off pretty fast so I figured it would go well.

There was a minor slowdown when all the others in the group realized they were from the same country and started chatting in (to me) gibberish. The worst part was when I saw the term Amanitar in between the gibberish. I so hoped that was some swedish word, or whatever the language was..

A few seconds later the tank jumped of the ledge towards Amanitar.. Noooo!

“Sorry, can we please skip the optionals, I really really need to do another char before 3AM, this is the only time I need a fast run, please guys”.

“You’ll never make that anway”

Well, 15 minutes, I think that could be done. And I wanted to find out for myself if it couldn’t be done. At least I could only blame myself then, which isn’t that bad.

“Sure I will”, I responded, “I can do most instances in 15 minutes easy, unless the dps is real bad”

I didn’t know if that was true, but I see people brag all the time, why not me for once.

“Nah, we wanna do this, we’ll do it fast”

Damn, I hate it when I have no control over things. Do it fast, my ass. As if they were holding back before, I don’t believe that. I just tried to dps myself, but that didn’t make a real difference. The lock was constantly lifetapping and the druid was constantly getting aggro, so I didn’t want to risk switching to dps.

Then they wanted to do the achievement for Jedoga too. Ok, that doesn’t really slow things down, but the discussion alone annoyed me. And I couldn’t swap to dps for sure now.

I was watching the clock all the time, 8 minutes left.. There was still a small chance..

I literally took off towards Herald before Jedoga hit the ground, the rest following far behind.. 5 minutes left..

Trash down, 3 minutes left..

We downed Herald..

Server message… everything was rest!


Since I’m not tanking icecrown yet, with the insane requirement people expect these days, these dailies are my main income of frost emblems. Nobody really likes Old Kingdom, everyone always skips the optionals. I seriously haven’t seen those two bosses in 3 months or so.

I usually always like to do the optionals, I don’t mind a slow run. I like to do achievements. I don’t mind doing anything special in a daily run… Usually.

But the only time that I do care about a fast run, the one time since I’ve been playing wow that I REALLY want a fast run for a change, THEN I end up with the only group in 3 bloody months that wants to do it ALL!!


…Or perhaps it is triggered by downing the boss, in which case I wouldn’t have made ie either way… For now I just like to keep blaming Murphy.. 😉

UPDATE: I checked it out, it’s triggered by killing the boss. Which makes nothing but sense, because it’s basically a daily quests, which ends when you finish it. The other dailies only are considered done after you turned it in too. Stressing myself seems to turn of my logical thinking apparently.

It’s just pixels!

Let me start by saying: NO IT ISN’T!!

I’ve seen this comment too many times float by in discussions, and it seriously pisses me off.

Whenever there’s some riot in Trade or anywhere about some guy ninjaing something, usually some stupid mount, there’s somebody sooner or later that is actually taking the side of the ninja by telling everyone to shut it, because “it’s just pixels” anyway.

This guy might think he’s sounding wise, but it’s absolute nonsense! This isn’t smart of wise or anything, it’s completely lacking the understanding of value.

Most people probably remember the news about a boy killing a friend over a sword (the tone in this post is a perfect example btw). In which case some guy killed a friend over selling a loaned sword. Now, what this guy did is absurd, absolutely, but how can anyone get so worked up about something if it were “just pixels”? Perhaps if he later killed people over the deletion of a desktop icon it might be some kind of weird psychological pixel dependency thing, but that’s not the case. It has all to do with value.

Let’s put it simple. Without humans (or living creatures for that matter) NOTHING would have value.

I can say that value is virtual in itself. It’s all in our heads.

But therefore it’s important…

We hold value to that old dusty toy, because it was what we played with when we were a kid.. But it’s just cotton and stuffing…

We hold value to that painting that has a money value of a few million, because it was painted by some guy we only know from history lessons… but it’s just linen and paint…

We hold value to our home, where we work so hard for to pay off, to furnish, etc.. It’s just bricks..

Your favorite football (or whatever sport) club won the cup this year! Yay! …but nah, no need for celebration, it’s just metal on some marble..

That old broken rusty clock that doesn’t even work anymore, but belonged to your passed away father.. Nah.. it’s just useless junk…

Your beloved wife…. Nah, just 80% water, some bones and fat! (alright, might be truth there ;))

I hope you see where I’m getting at… Reducing things to what they’re made from is plain idiocy.

Ok, one more: our bank accounts are nothing but bits and bytes too.. So is the bank account from the ones making the stupid comments..

Value is a personal thing. It’s a human thing. Even though most animals most likely hold value to things too (usually their offspring), though humans go far with this.

Value is what we give to every thing in our lives, it what being alive is about, being around things that you value, doing things that you value, creating value. It can be anything.

When you look at it logically, nothing is truly valuable, nothing has a true use or meaning. Everything just “is”. If you suppress all your feeling, everything is nothing but material, molecules. Nothing. Depressing isn’t it? Well, that’s what depressed people probably feel. Emptiness, lack of value.

Saying things “are just……..” is doing that, taking away the value we feel something has, for whatever reason, our personal reason.

So if anyone is angry because someone ninjad a mount, it’s not any different than when somebody stole his bike. It holds value, and it was taken from them. I might think that mount is just a stupid dumb ugly mount, but you’ve got every right to be pissed off and look for justice if it got taken from you while you earned it!

Getting started

Yay, today I realized again why I wanted a blog for myself. I love to read blogs and comment on them, but there’s just this thing that always seems to happen to me. Some, in my opinion, completely innocent and even friendly (meant) comment get’s either deleted or blocked by moderation. This usually made me feel both bad and pissed, because just like in game I just hate to get silenced. Then I feel bad because this guy likely misinterpreted what I said, but since you don’t get the answer why, you can only guess what he took wrong. I hate guessing. And it is all just too minor to send a PM for. But it remains annoying me for a while. I hate pre-moderated blogs anyway. I know there are many trolls out there, but censorship is not the solution. It get’s way to easy to just block posts that have good arguments against your ideas, instead of discussing it.

If someone asks for an opinion, why don’t they just mention that, in fact, they just want you to agree, or tell them it’s all fine and they’re great, because they need an ego boost or something. I can even do that, no problem! Fool yourself all you want, it’s your blog, your party. But otherwise, I’m just going to say what I think, honest, probably very blunt, but with good intentions. I’m just naive in that way.

Yep, I’m terrible with handling people’s egos. I’m even bad with my own! Like yesterday, where I did a perfectly good [Lord Jaraxxus Must Die!] PUG run, with my paladin tank. I never tanked that place before. My tank is actually an overgrown bank char, which I found out was fun to play. But that didn’t stop me from charging in there with just dps/healing experience for that place and a meticulously composed personal tactics sheet. I thought I knew it all. Well, wrong! Of course there’s always something you just didn’t expect that could happen. Like a DC at the moment Gormok walked in. Which is great, knowing that I just bought my Blizzard Authenticator, and now I had to find the damn thing for the code, while in the back of my head, my poor colleague was getting slaughtered by impales. But DCs happen, so no way I could’ve foreseen that. When I finally got back in I could just grab gormok for 5 seconds before he hit the ground.

So, kudos for that offtank and both(!) healers! And /bow to the great dps.

Anyway, Dreadscale and Acidmaw were up. I would take Acidmaw, and the offtank would take Dreadscale. The rules of this fight seemed so simple to me. Mobile tank get’s a debuff, raid get’s the other, raidmembers walk to mobile tank, et voila! I just keep threat, and face the jormungar away from the raid. But of course, before I could even get decent threat on acidmaw, that bastard paralytic toxined me, while he was grounded! I didn’t even know he could do that to his tank then, I never noticed that happening before. So I was a bit shocked for 3 seconds. None of the many tactic sites or videos mentioned this and the other tank was on the other side of the room already also. So all I could think of was having him drag that worm all the way to me, while trying to avoid the entire raid that was in between us.

No way of getting that done smoothly now is there.

Anyway, lots of raid damage, and a bit of a mess, but we survived. Yet I can’t help but blame myself for not knowing that could happen, and how to handle it.

Finally, Icehowl. Ah, an easy fight! At least that’s what I thought. Tank and spank, with a short run like hell phase. This bastard does hit hard though, I didn’t expect that. For some reason, I guess frozen healers, my health got to about 5%. So out of reflex I pushed my lay on hands key, but nothing happened because I was stunned. Screw PVP because before my my brain could yell “NOOO!” to my fingers, they pushed bubble!

Well, it saved my ass, though I still had Ardent Defender, yet not the poor DPS that was trying to beat me to my threat. So there I stood, as tank, bubbled, and while I was playing whack-a-mole with the elusive Divine Shield buff icon, which jumped around like crazy with all those temporary raid procs going on and off, the offtank was doing his best to grab that wild ape.

So many times I told myself to make a switch on/off macro for that damn shield, just in case. I finally did that now.

The funny thing is that I think nobody noticed it. In chat the offtank got blamed for something to which he admitted. I still don’t know what it was. I doubt it was because he acted as a backup tank on the boss, which is his job, so I hope not. Panic bubbletank thanks him for that.

To my surprise, Jaraxxus himself, which I considered a much trickier fight, went smooth. And even though the raid was saying thanks for the smooth run, I was still cringing of the fuckups.

Tank you aren’t really allowed to make mistakes, only dps can get away with a them, but that’s probably the reason why I think DPS is boring. Subconsciously, I probably like to stress myself out to the point of grinding teeth and pushing my keys through the floor.

But I think that’s a good thing. It pushes me further. It’s easy to just tell myself I did awesome, while in fact it was just mediocre.

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